What is Kami?

Kami is a community-driven organization built to address what could be referred to as the "liquidity problem." This problem can be defined as the challenge of connecting diverse forms of liquidity with decentralized markets, and vice versa. While other solutions make incremental progress toward resolving liquidity issues, Kami aims to generate a broader range of network effects. Instead of confining itself to a single solution, Kami intertwines multiple decentralized markets and instruments.

Thus far, the core products of Kami, which will be described in more detail here, include a decentralized exchange, a decentralized lending market, yield instruments, an auction platform, an AMM framework, and staking derivatives. These products enable the entire platform to maintain decentralized governance via $KAMI token holders, while continuously innovating on the collective foundations. While the community votes on major structural changes, the day-to-day operations, pool and ratio rebalancing, business strategy, and overall development are ultimately decided upon by Kami's core team.

The following documentation provides comprehensive information on the functional and technical aspects of the ecosystem products, along with customized tutorials to guide you through all of Kami's exciting features!

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